New Lol Hack with Paysafecard Generator

11 Apr
paysafecard generator

paysafecard generator

Hello summoners! 🙂

It’s been a while since my last post but I guarantee it’s worth the wait. As you probably know this blog is based only on information related to working league of legends hacks and generators. So far what we’ve established is that if you want a Pax sivir code you should head to What you might not know is that it is now possible to get the amazing Championship Riven skin, even though the skin is no longer available in the shop nor it will ever be. The website that offers this amazing skin code is which have an amazing tutorial on how to get championship riven code.

But this is not what this post is about. We’re gonna talk again about League of legends riot points. As you probably know many tried to develop lol hacks that actually worked, and some succeeded. Today we’re gonna talk about a different kind of site. It’s not entirely based on the League of Legends game because it can be used for virtually any virtual game / shop that accepts it as a payment method. The site i’m talking is a Paysafecard Generator website. The codes are updated manually by the admins so you can enjoy playing your favourite game for free. It is basically a great lol hack that you can use to play with your friends.


New skins – Free Championship riven skin codes

12 Mar

Hello guys.
As we promised, we are happy to announce a new addition to the league of legends free skin codes.

We are able to give you free Championship Riven skin codes, as many as you want for all your friends. Riven is a melee fighter, a really strong pick for all team compositions. The exclusive Championship Riven skin code is no longer available in the shop nor will it ever be again. YOu can still get the skin code from ebay and other websites like it, but they are expensive. Follow the URL linked in this post to get your free championship riven skin code right now!


get your free championship riven skin code

free championship riven codes

Hurry up and get the skin code right now, the supply is limited. Surprise your friends and gift them some !



League of legends maphack

5 Jan
lol hacks

League of legends free maphack

New Riot Points Generator For League Of Legends

5 Jan

If you’ve been following the games scene in the last 2 layers you probably noticed League Of Legends.It started as a DOTA clone but now it’s the MOST popular game in the world with over 70 millions accounts, and this information is 2 or 3 months old.

If you like the game you probably know how it works.You see a certain portion of the map, near your own minions, towers and friendly targets.The game is free for all but you can get stuff easier without having to play a billion games with Riot Points, bought with currency.

By now you probably know that everything can be cracked/hacked/whatever.Well, League of legends isn’t an exception.Smart people developed amazing tools for this great game!I’m gonna list some for you in the next paragraphs.

The most important LoL Hack is the  Riot Points Generator.This tools basically gives you money, the only way you can get RiotPoints is with money.This hack uses the same algorithm the Riot uses in their Office.Don’t wait too long, it might not work forever.Get how many riot points codes you want for you and your friends.

The next league of legends hack is the League Of Legends Maphack/ZoomHack/SkinHack.This tool offers  a great range of features you can use to make the game more fun!The maphack gives you enough advantage so you won’t lose a game ever again, the zoomhack the same, and the skinhack will make sure you can use ANY SKIN ever released in the game!Sounds awesome doesn’t it?=)


You can get these awesome tools for free on Hacks And Codes | Free LoL Skin Codes and Riot Points Generator.